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Lloyd Mann

Lloyd S. Mann has been a litigation attorney in Los Angeles for almost 30 years.  His practice involves representation of individuals and businesses in connection with commercial, real estate, bankruptcy and other types of civil litigation.  He has had numerous trials with successful results in California State Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Federal Courts, and various arbitration tribunals.

Mr. Mann always investigates the possibility of settlement so as to enable his clients to enjoy an early recovery prior to the expenditure of substantial attorney fees.  However, Mr. Mann’s results have also included a number of judgments and verdicts well into the “seven figure” area.  Recent favorable results have included a jury trial verdict well in excess of a million dollars, including several hundred  thousand dollars in punitive damages,  for breach of fiduciary duty related to a partner’s dishonesty with Mr. Mann’s client in connection with the collection of rental revenue from a jointly owned apartment building, a judgment in excess of one million dollars against an individual who solicited Mr. Mann’s clients to invest in a restaurant franchise, and a settlement with a brokerage company that was large enough to allow an elderly client to renew his plans to retire despite having lost virtually all of his retirement funds through careless investments made on his behalf.

Mr. Mann also is involved in a wide array of pre-judgment litigation procedures. He has obtained preliminary injunctions on numerous occasions which have had the effect of saving his clients’ homes from foreclosure.  He has obtained pre-judgment writs of attachments totaling many millions of dollars, over the years, which have enabled his clients to recover money that was owed to them.

Mr. Mann’s bankruptcy practice involves the representation of primarily creditors, and involves bankruptcy litigation related to claims of fraud, defalcation within a fiduciary capacity, and other complex bankruptcy litigation matters. Mr. Mann has also represented secured  creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings that has resulted in his clients being able to continue to pursue their claims effectively despite the filing of bankruptcy proceedings. 

Mr. Mann is a founding partner of Mann & Zarpas, LLP which offers expertise in the above areas as well as representation of business clients in connection with corporate, real estate, commercial business transactions as well as brand development and protection matters.

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